About Dr. Holly Spotts, Psy.D.

Hello and welcome! Finding a therapist you’ll ‘click with’ and whose style meets your needs can be a challenge.  It is my hope to provide you with a clear description of what to expect from me so that you may reflect on whether my services may be helpful to you.

My Experience…


I am a clinical psychologist, licensed in both Mississippi (#54 965) and California (PSY#22057). I received my doctorate from the California School of Professional Psychology (now known as Alliant International University) in 2004 with an emphasis in the area of children and families.


My graduate school training was well-rounded and consisted of direct experience with clients of all ages and levels of psychological health in community mental health, day treatment, and school settings.  I went on to teach undergraduate psychology courses as an adjunct professor while working as a clinical psychologist in a wide variety of settings including psychiatric hospital, an eating disorders clinic, a non-public school, a residential facility for high-risk teens, an emergency shelter, and most recently with active duty military and their families.  I’ve also served as a clinical supervisor for psychology graduate students, APA pre-doctoral interns and postdoctoral fellows and a mental health consultant to schools and various organizations.

My Therapeutic Style…

My style is personable, down-to-earth and collaborative. My aim is to create a safe, comfortable and non-judgmental place so that you will more easily be able to work through the concerns you bring to therapy. I am a therapist who listens and supports, but also offers direct feedback and honest recommendations. I choose to work from a foundation of balancing acceptance and change.  While  sincerely validating  your emotions and experiences, I will gently orient you towards the changes you want to see in your life.  I will conduct a thorough evaluation and history-taking, then provide you with my conceptualization, pulling from relevant  theoretical frameworks including Interpersonal, Attachment, Humanistic, Positive Psychology, Dialectical Behavior Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.  Together, we will identify your personal goals and develop a customized treatment plan to reach them. I believe people genuinely want to change, though habitual patterns, hurtful past experiences and unhelpful beliefs get in the way, making it especially difficult to make those desired changes alone. I can provide you with the tools to  get ‘un-stuck’ and quiet those unhelpful internal thoughts so that you can live your life in freedom with greater authenticity and purpose. 

My Special Interests and Areas of Expertise…

·         Trauma, abuse and PTSD (Trauma Focused CBT and Cognitive Processing Therapy )

·         Relationship health (Parenting, couples, coworkers, etc)

·         Adolescents (Problems with behavior, identity formation, friends, school, etc)

·         Mood dysregulation (Depression, unhealthy personality patterns and dangerous behaviors)

·         Anxiety (Social distress, fears, chronic worrying)

·         Adjustment & life transition (life stressors, pregnancy, divorce, retirement, death of a loved one)

·         Personal growth (values, work-life balance, career exploration, etc).

If it sounds like we may be a good match, please call me at (228) 547-2273 or email me at DrSpotts@bloompsych.com, and I will be happy to discuss any questions you have and schedule an appointment. I look forward to speaking with you!