“By being yourself, you put something wonderful in the world that was not there before." - Edwin Elliot

individual psychological therapy



Individual psychotherapy is a process in which a person can work one on one with a therapist to improve or better cope with mental health symptoms or specific life challenges. Although there are different types of psychotherapy, each relies on communication as the basic tool for bringing about change in a person's feelings and behaviors. These changes lead to more fulfilling lives. 

adolescent psychological therapy



Adolescents and pre-adolescents have a unique set of life stressors and pressures, putting them at risk for more emotional distress and difficulty managing those emotions. Parents often ask themselves if the behaviors and symptoms they are seeing in their teens are just normal development or something to be concerned about. In adolescents, we often look for behaviors such as social withdrawal or connecting with ‘the wrong crowd’, confusion about their identity and uncertainty about the future, negative attitudes towards themselves or others, acts of physical or verbal aggression, defiance, dangerous activities, self-harm, declining grades, the development of eating disorders and substance abuse. Those are the behaviors that are red-flags and should be evaluated by a mental health professional. 


In order to work on these problems, the relationship between the therapist and the adolescent will be paramount. At Bloom, our goal is to make the adolescent feel comfortable, safe and understood. This type of trusting environment makes it much easier for the adolescent to express his/her thoughts and feelings and to use the therapy in a helpful way. Parents and guardians will regularly meet with their child’s therapist to help them navigate the challenges of parenting. 


couples psychological therapy



Couples often consider seeking out therapy when they have become unhappy in their relationship. They may be experiencing repetitive arguments, mistrust, feelings of distance or emptiness in the relationship, anger, resentment or lack of interest in a physical relationship with one another. Couples often feel like the relationship is stuck and they are repeating the same conversations about it without any change. These struggles can build up and worsen over time if not effectively resolved. 


At Bloom, we will give you the support you need to revitalize your relationship in a safe and neutral space. The truth is that you are not alone. In fact, most couples run into difficulties because they never learned the tools and skills necessary to create and maintain a healthy relationship for the long term.  Having an objective third party present can help you effectively express your feelings to your partner can be quite helpful. Couple’s therapy is also useful in that it can help the couple move from tense conflict to a more emotionally and intimately connected experience where the couple’s needs are being met and problems are collaboratively and constructively solved.  Couples can learn how to communicate more clearly and honestly, build trust and respect for one another, turn conflicts into opportunities for growth and work as a team for a relationship that lasts. 

family psychological therapy



Every family goes through tough times. However, for some families, the conflict is so severe or volatile that everyone hurts. If your family continues to find itself in the same daily patterns and you just feel stuck, it’s time to talk with a professional. At Bloom, we will conduct a thorough family evaluation to understand what is contributing to the problems and develop goals for better communication and coping.  Therapy may involve the entire family or particular members or dyads.